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Corruption and Crime

Martin Short's book, 'Inside the Brotherhood' documents many cases of corruption, involving the police, the government, local councils and even the medical profession. Advice he received from a mason doctor in England. 'My friend, don't ever have an operation in this country. Go abroad. Heaven help you if you fall into their hands over here.'

The NHS in Britain has often come under attack for bad management practices, and it’s alarming how whistle blowers are often sacked when they try and bring abuse to light.

A common theme in the medical profession is the prescription of medication that does not address the root cause of a problem. It could be pain killers or injections for a chronic back condition for example, when sensible exercise addressing muscle weakness and imbalance is the real cause of the problem. Medical companies earn massive amounts of money developing drugs that are not always needed, GP’s are pressured into prescribing them, and the patient never fully recovers as a result.

Could you say that NHS management is Masonic? Yes. Where you get excessive hierarchy, very poor communication, pandering towards multinational drugs companies and a conspiracy of silence when serious management issues occur, a Masonic culture is a probable cause.

Other Commonwealth countries can be just as bad. An ex pat writing to an MP in 1984 wrote, 'The Masonic hold on Australia is far worse than here – no lodge, no business.'

We acknowledge that there are very good staff who work in the NHS, and it’s not all doom and gloom. Our point is that without Freemasonry, it could be much, much better.

In the mental health field, corruption can be even worse. A patient complaining can be quickly termed mentally ill, just because they complain. The patient could well be right, but it’s not the social norm to make a complaint, and so they are labelled mentally ill instead.

Concerning the police, Freemasonry's strength in London's 'C' district has been huge. In the early eighties, at least six of the twelve top jobs were filled by masons. These included District Commander Edward Stow and Chief Superintendent Alan Gibson.

Other masons included the detective superintendent heading Savile Row CID, the superintendent in 'Clubs Office' (watching over West End nightspots, drinking clubs and restaurants – an area renowned for kickbacks and bribes) and the Chief Superintendent at Bow St. The 'Craft' dominated the district.

How many of these officers climbed the ladder based on merit and working hard?, and how many were aided and abetted by being 'on the square'? It is highly likely that being a mason was a prerequisite for promotion to these ranks, knowing when to turn a blind eye to a coke fuelled celebrity, and when to ask for a kickback from a restaurant or bar owner and when not to.

This is often what it means to be ‘on the level’ or ‘on the square’. Some people are subject to the law of the land, while others can get away with murder, and the job of the Masonic officer it seems, is knowing which is which.

Those police officers have all sworn the constable's oath to perform their duties ‘without favour or affection, malice or ill-will’, but have also sworn an overriding oath to fellow masons. Which takes precedence when faced with a bribe, or the prospect of promotion and favour from fellow masons higher up the chain of command?

In 1986, a lodge strengthening the already firm bond between the Metropolitan police of London and Freemasonry was founded, namely lodge number 9179, ‘The Manor of St James’. The new lodge incorporated 'C' district, namely West End Central, Vine St and Bow St.

A police regulation states, 'A member of a police force shall at all times abstain from any activity which is likely to interfere with the impartial discharge of their duties, or which is likely to give rise to the impression amongst members of the public that it may so interfere.' How any officer can be a mason and an impartial officer is surely beyond the imagination of any reasonable, rational person.

The undermining of the British democratic division of powers was illustrated when an outstanding senior police officer, Brian Woollard tried to expose the vice of Freemasonry within the police by petitioning the then Home Secretary William Whitelaw in the early 1980's. The enquiry was refused, and it transpired that the Home Secretary was a mason himself, who had sworn to protect the very vice he was being asked to investigate. Woollard was up against it, and was eventually forced to take a psychiatric examination, a favourite ploy of the masons that is used against anybody who threatens to expose them or criticise them.

Not surprisingly, the five officers in the chain of command above him, stretching to the very top of the police force were all masons, who again had taken murderous oaths of allegiance to protect each other and the corrupt organisation and religion that Woollard was trying to expose for the benefit of everyone, not least the public who are naive enough to think they will be treated impartially when bringing information to the police.

It was estimated in the early eighties that Freemasonry had recruited up to 20% of the total number of officers in the force, and many of them high ranking officers. Bear in mind that these masons are paid by taxpayers, who mistakenly believe them to be working impartially for the benefit of everybody.

In 1987, Manor members who were serving in the Met' police totalled 72, of which there were: 1 assistant commissioner, 2 deputy commissioners, 12 commanders, 23 chief superintendents, 10 superintendents, 7 chief inspectors, 12 inspectors.. and the list goes on. All had taken murderous oaths of allegiance to protect each other's 'secrets', and none could claim to be impartial in carrying out their duties. All had therefore broken their oath to serve the public who pay their wages.

Recall the master mason oaths that a mason takes. 'I furthermore promise and swear, I will aid and assist all poor distressed brother master masons.. I knowing them to be such.' There are a selection of secret signs, whereby a master mason can 'make himself known' to a fellow mason, requesting assistance in the courtroom say, when a judge comes face to face with a corrupt police officer, whose reputation might hang on a successful prosecution of a person who is testifying against a fellow mason.

The initiation goes on to say, 'I furthermore promise and swear, I will answer and obey all due signs and summonses, sent me.' Also, an initiate is forced to swear, to 'keep the secrets of a brother master mason, when communicated to and received by me, and charges as such.'

Our point is that a mason charged with serious sex offences in a court of law for example, will require a Masonic judge to help that mason as far as he can, on receipt of the appropriate secret sign or signs, known only to masons.

The potential for corrupt collusion is overwhelming and makes a mockery of a supposed independent judiciary, and a fair, two sided democratic system. There have been a plethora of cases reported where criminals have colluded with the police, and probably thousands of unreported cases of even worse corruption, where newspapers and other news outlets have refused to publicise the corruption, for fear of a crisis of confidence in the system, or for fear that their owners or editors would sack any journalist writing against Freemasonry.

A rotten judiciary?

In 1987, it was estimated that one mason in twenty five were police officers, amounting to between 9,700 and 19,400, although as already stated, you don't need that many masons in the police, although you do need senior positions filled by masons.

Another  example of corruption was Det. Chief Sup’t Bill Moody, convicted in 1977 of conspiring to take money from pornographers over an eight year period. During that time, he was heading one of the biggest ever investigations into police corruption.

There was also the evidence given at the Fred West trial, where several young women had been brutally abused, murdered and tortured by a builder and his wife. During the time scale of the abuse, police officers had visited the house, where Rose West was also working as a prostitute.

Kenneth Noye, connected to the twenty five million pounds 'Brink’s Mat' gold bullion robbery in 1983 was a mason. It is reported that while he serves a lengthy prison sentence, his 'brethren' are paying his lodge subscriptions. He is still a member of Hammersmith lodge no 2090 it is claimed.

There is some hope with the police however. Det' Chief Sup’t Boyce, who led the Brink’s Mat investigation was offered a one million pounds bribe by Noye, if he could ensure that Noye avoided prison. Noye allegedly made the offer while giving Boyce a Masonic handshake. Boyce returned the handshake, despite not being a mason to make Noye believe that he also was 'on the square' and declined the bribe.

To 'have a drink' can equate to taking a bribe, and the following is another account of the type of corruption we are talking about. City detective 'Cuthbert' was caught in a sting called 'Operation Countryman', ordered by the then Home secretary Merlyn Rees in 1978. This is an extract from a taped conversation of Cuthbert.

'Everybody on the incident room had a drink (took a bribe),.. all the f**ng evidence we gave was bent.'

The incident in question was the robbery of the William and Glyn's bank in 1977. What does a fellow mason do when a criminal who is also a mason asks for his assistance? Since in the third degree master mason ceremony, a mason swears his hand to help his 'brother'. He swears to unite with him ‘in forming a column of mutual defence and support’, and to ‘dispose his heart to succour his weakness and relieve his necessities.’

What does a bent district judge do when faced with a brother mason who pleads for assistance, when accused of child rape?

There is evidence to indicate that bent masons have perverted the course of justice, to aid their 'poor distressed brethren', at the expense of the legal system they are paid to uphold.

Beware of starting an enquiry into the devilry that is masonry. John Stalker, a Catholic, tried and was duly suspended for his efforts.

In 1986, the headlines 'Mason mafia framed cop chief', informed the public that orders from Ulster (the RUC) were behind the harassment of Stalker, due to his investigations into the police shoot to kill policy (Masonic rituals contain many themes and scenarios based around death, murder and vengeance).

There has been a long standing feud between Catholicism and Freemasonry stretching back generations, and the church advises against joining Freemasonry.

One Masonic source who had been a police officer in Liverpool, stated that Liverpool's chief constables had to be masons. The corruption went all the way to the top. James Anderton a former Manchester police chief claimed that two thirds of his force were masons, and that a ban would be unenforceable. He essentially admitted that he could not remove corruption from his police force.

The conclusion of the Stalker case, was that Ulster's director of public prosecutions had evidence that RUC officers had perverted, or conspired to pervert the course of justice, re' the fatal shootings of six men in 1982, but that it would not be proper to institute any criminal proceedings. This is often the case where police officers have committed serious offences including lying in court, and it is unacceptable in any open, democratic society. It erodes public confidence in the system.

A similar thing happened with the shooting of the Brazilian national, Jean Charles de Menezes on the London underground, after the suicide bombings of 7/7. Ian Blair tried to stop an IPCC investigation to cover up the killing and white wash the incident.

In 1998, a huge international drugs ring was broken, and it transpired that a police officer in the north west of England, DCI Elmore Davies was at the centre of the ring, leaking information and taking payoffs to pervert the course of justice. He was later jailed for five years. Prior to the case, Customs and Excise had questioned working with the police due to claims that the police were corrupt, and too closely involved with the criminal drugs element.

More recently, the Hillsborough report shone yet another light into massive and appalling police corruption and lies, colluding with solicitors to pervert the course of justice. In the case of Hillsborough there was too much admirable determination and love for the deceased from the families who lost family members to let the matter go, and criminal along with civil charges should now be brought against guilty police officers and solicitors.

Imagine what it is like when police lie en masse against an individual, and the individual is wrongly convicted. An individual or small group are routinely labelled mentally ill for even suggesting that several or more police officers have lied and perverted the course of justice. Then a person is not just wrongly convicted but also labelled mentally unstable. There are far too many instances of police behaving in this manner to suggest that there are ‘a few bad apples’. Corruption appears to be embedded in the culture and practices of the British police.

We advocate a radical overhaul of the British police and suggest: Police officers in a newly formed organisation pledge allegiance to the People and not to the Queen. Police officers are banned from being members of Freemasonry. A newly formed organisation removes all Masonic insignia and regalia from their uniforms, websites and other organisational tools. This would include black and white checkerboard designs, squares on squares and royal crowns, which are all explicit Masonic symbols.

Current oath to the queen: ‘I.. of.. do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable..’

Taxpayers pay the wages of the police, not the Queen and the Queen is not an elected head of state. What if the Queen or any of her household is suspected of a serious criminal offence? Who is going to arrest them, considering the above oath?

Example of an alternative oath:

‘I hereby solemnly and sincerely declare before God that - I will faithfully discharge the duties of a member of .. with fairness, integrity, regard for human rights, diligence and impartiality, upholding the Constitution and the laws and according equal respect to all people,

    -while I continue to be a member, I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all my duties according to law, and

    -I do not belong to, and will not while I remain a member form, belong to or subscribe to, any political party or secret society whatsoever.’

Another example: ‘I, .. (swear by Almighty God / do solemnly and sincerely declare) that I will well and faithfully serve the Government of..’

The case of the murdered mason Roberto Calvi, member of the now defunct P2 lodge in Italy, also demonstrates corruption in the police. The City of London police claimed his death when found hung on Blackfriars bridge in London was suicide. His family claimed he had been murdered, and the masons as ever claimed ‘conspiracy theory’, as they often do when faced with being exposed. His body was exhumed, and conclusive proof was found that he had in fact been murdered.

An up to date register of masons should be maintained by an independent public body. If a person suspects they have been arrested or prosecuted by Masonic collusion, they can check the register to prove or disprove any link.

The legal system in Britain is extremely Masonic. A mason quarterly communication states, 'If a criminal brother is forgiven by his own lodge, he will probably not be punished by any other higher Masonic authority' (a court of law?). Maybe this accounts for the survival of silver bullion robber, Lennie Gibson in his police packed Waterways lodge.

An example of the type of corruption we are talking about is illustrated by a case involving a successful business man Bill Rugman in the 1970's. Unfortunately, Rugman was not a mason, and his bank NatWest were allegedly controlled by masons. He upset the wrong (Masonic) business people, and was promptly sent to the wall by his bankers NatWest. In the County Court where he tried to have the judgement of bankruptcy reversed, he came up against a Masonic judge, Murray-Band.

At one point during the case a court official passed his hand ostentatiously across his right eyebrow, indicating the Masonic sign of grief in full view of the judge. Masonic ritual states, ' When adversity has visited our brother, and his calamities call for our aid, we should cheerfully and liberally stretch forth the hand of kindness, to save him from sinking and to relieve his necessities.' Considering the high number of masons in the legal profession, this makes a mockery of the legal system.

A legal source from Derbyshire claims, 'All this stuff about Masonic signals may well be true, but in my experience masons do not get let off in court. They don't get to court.' They are protected by the police to ensure charges are not brought in the first place. Files go missing, letters are not responded to, officers get moved around at crucial times and charges are dropped.

Justices of the peace are a case in point. Most are masons, nominated by Masonic groups of magistrates and the women are more often than not wives of masons (they can also join women only Masonic lodges). Remember that the legal system is paid for by the ‘profane’ (non mason) taxpayers.

North Wales is a hotbed for masons, as is the Isle of Wight it is reported. Llandudno in North Wales is called 'masonville' by businesses in the know.

London's local councils are another example of corruption. If you are bidding for public sector contracts, and you're not a mason, you stand virtually no chance of success it has been claimed. It's ironic really since most contracts require proficient project management skills, and require people who can think proactively and laterally.  A mason, having been initiated into low level, fear based rituals, where he has been taught to keep secrets as part of a compartmentalised pyramid, is the last person you should trust with strategic decision making. For the most part, and in our experience, they seem to behave like tightly controlled, robotic sheep, with an inability to think for themselves.

Masons more often than not behave like blinkered robots in our view. Hence you get business collapses such as: Enron, Worldcom, BCCI (the money laundering bank), the Nat West four and more recently Northern Rock and the credit crunch victims. Bank after bank piled into the cdo fiasco without a second thought, and one analyst at HBOS who questioned the banks reckless strategy was sacked for his impudence.

At least with American Sarbanes Oxley legislation, officials of corrupt companies can be prosecuted in the criminal courts, as opposed to simply having their knuckles rapped. The legislation only extends to companies listed on the U.S stock exchange, and serves to protect investors. What about taxpayer's who lose hundreds of millions of pounds, if not billions of pounds, due to Masonic corruption, incompetence and favours in Britain?

This was illustrated in the borough council of Hackney in 1985, with Masonic employees and Masonic contractors. It was seen as a veritable rotten borough.

There are countless examples of cases were planning permission is granted to masons by other masons in a local council. You don't even need to know the other mason, 'You just use a form of words which only a mason could know, recited in the rituals..The petty corruption becomes second nature to the masons, so that in the end they cannot see how corrupt it is.' Prison sentences are for the commoners, to keep them under control, and the jails become a working men's club for those without the right connections to progress in Britain's class ridden society.

On the subject of apartheid, South Africa was underwritten by Freemasonry, with more than two hundred and seventy five lodges in the republic. All lodges there, as well as in Scotland and Ireland are for whites only, or those of 'European descent'. One lodge in the USA, New Jersey is integrated, while black people elsewhere have to join 'irregular' Prince Hall, all black lodges.

On the theme of rascism. A source from the North of England related the following. 'Whenever anyone in our lodge suggested asking a West Indian or a Pakistani if they'd like to join, the majority would retort, ‘He's black, isn't he? Oh we can't have anyone like that.'

Lodges in the City are centred around the Bank of England (lodge no 263), Lloyds bank (lodge no 4155) and NatWest bank (lodge no 3647).

Concerning the armed forces, a member of the SAS described the regiment as 'lions led by donkeys', as in World War I. He continues, 'After some years without promotion, I found out what was holding me down. I wasn't a freemason. When it comes to the SAS you can't afford to have incompetent or inexperienced men in charge.'

That's exactly what happens with masons in charge. They don't get their high ranking positions on ability, merit or courage, but on their privileged connections, and the result is that soldiers are sacrificed, blunders made, and the parents of dead soldiers are given an apology if they're lucky.

In business, the 'Craft' is likened to a pyramid sales racket, a scam designed to keep the system the way it is, which sacrifices talent, ability and genuine enterprise. If you're not ‘on the level’ or ‘on the square’, you face a real uphill battle to get on in the business world.

When Martin Short was investigating the House of Lords, he identified 36 lords who were masons, and of these, 23 were conservatives with 8 independents (usually, unaffiliated Tories). Things have probably changed since then, and it is believed that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are both masons. It would appear therefore that in order to get elected prime minister, being a mason is a prerequisite, although the public and the electorate aren't told this of course. We don’t know whether David Cameron is a mason or not, although we believe that if his actions and opinions are not ‘Masonic’, he would quickly be replaced.

Freemasonry claims to teach moral lessons. One woman, the former wife of a mason claimed that Freemasonry encourages infidelity. So much for family values. Another former wife of a mason claims in Martin Short's book, 'Inside the Brotherhood,' 'Life protected though it may be, would appear to rob them (masons) of their individuality, and their countenance becomes as marble.'

The masons we have known have been excessively secretive, devious in the extreme and often devoid of morals.

The recent credit and banking problems exposed the corrupt activity of ‘City’ traders and other senior finance staff stealing billions of pounds through fraudulent activity, including collusion to set artificial LIBOR rates and colluding to manipulate the price of FX instruments and commodity prices. Can you imagine the jail tariffs bank robbers would get for stealing or trying to steal those sums? The ‘Great Train’ robbers got sentences of well over 100 years in total for stealing the equivalent of over 40 million pounds in today’s money. Individuals typically served over 10 years in prison, just shy of what typical murderers serve for killing somebody. And the sentences of traders and executives who have stolen billions for their banks? One trader Tom Hayes received a lengthy jail sentence, and that is about it. And we live in a fair democratic country? Don’t insult our intelligence please.

There is a history of conflict with the Roman Catholic church, most notably through the scandal of the Italian 'P2' lodge, 'Propaganda due'. This involved eminent Catholics who were also masons, and involved a failed bank called Banco Ambrosiano. Death, murder and intrigue followed the scandal, and one of the bankers Roberto Calvi was found hanging from Blackfriars bridge, London in 1982, with his pockets full of bricks.

Many researchers claim that the masons were also responsible for the murder of John Paul 1, who died just thirty three days after being elected. He planned to 'cast the money lenders from the temple' as it were, and posed a serious threat to the Masonic bankers of the day.

Other countries such as Italy have rightly admitted to, and ultimately exposed Masonic corruption, most notably in the 'P2’ lodge scandal, where corruption involving masons was uncovered on a mass scale. It was found that politicians, judges, senior policemen and powerful businessmen were all found to be masons, and members of the same lodge.

Exactly the situation existing in Britain today, although they will probably be members of different lodges. It is disturbing that similar scandals are not uncovered in Britain. Britain is often portrayed as a bastion for stability and democracy. It appears that the trait of keeping everything the same from generation to generation hides an underbelly of deceit and lies, maintained by the secret society network. It is said that Great Britain is the most secretive country in the world. The phrase, ‘You can't judge a book by its cover’, springs to mind.

It is easy to challenge an overt dictatorial system (e.g. Nazi Germany and the fascism that Spain and Italy experienced under Franco and Mussolini) but not so easy to challenge and expose a covert fascist system which is not on public view, not officially reported on by the western media, and operates in the shadows and behind the scenes. What Freemasonry essentially is therefore is private, behind closed doors, secret fascism.

Another means by which masons exert control is through debt and the banking system, and we do not feel it is a coincidence that the current day banking system was developed by the Knights Templar.

Again, it comes down to control, and control through fear. An individual in debt is much easier to control than a person who is debt free. If you threaten redundancy or dismissal to a person with a family and a large mortgage, they will be like putty in your hands. They will invariably do anything you want them to. They have to, otherwise they lose their house and possibly their family.

When it comes to illegal wars, and wars in general, you will never see any high ranking mason on the front line. How many wars would there be if the person or people who suggest them, whether they be Bush, Blair, Obama or anyone else, had to lead the line in uniform? Do you honestly think those politicians would go near an actual conflict? If they had to, all of a sudden the idea of war would become a lot less attractive and would probably never happen.

Leading up to the infamous Iraq war in 2003, it is now clear that Tony Blair and some of his cronies were desperate to try and justify an illegal war. They were desperate to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction, and when they couldn’t find any, they simply lied to the electorate, costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Leading up to the war, David Kelly was not providing the evidence that Blair and his cronies wanted. He knew as a weapons inspector that Iraq probably did not have weapons of mass destruction, and because at that point he was viewed as a problem, he was either murdered or driven to suicide. Links:

In 1989, the 'Who's Who of British Freemasons', included: 46 law lords, 22 past and present mp's, 76 serving or retired judges, QC's or other legal officials, 36 generals (who will never face the butt of a rifle, but will certainly send their troops into death's jaws), admirals, air marshals, and other high ranking servicemen, 14 retired bishops, 6 former police chiefs, 57 top businessmen, 23 mostly retired top civil servants, over 50 leading solicitors, surgeons and architects, and the list goes on. Note, these are only masons who agree to have their names in print. There are almost certainly a significant number who wish to remain anonymous.

A former avid mason paints the following picture. 'It dawned on me (after thirty five years), that what I had believed for years about the goodness and virtue of Freemasonry was a smokescreen to delude the masses.. Masonic promotion depends not on merit and ability but on patronage and privilege.'

He continues, ‘Freemasonry is a mechanism for social control.. a feudal pyramid, for the privileged and best connected.’

That is the reality of the British system behind closed doors. 'One of the first things you are taught in Freemasonry is to obey rank.' You begin to see how spectacular business collapses such as Enron, Worldcom and BCCI happen, when you realise how masons are taught, and literally brainwashed into the art of deception and corruption. The art of keeping a secret and how to ‘divert the course of a conversation’, when people start asking awkward questions, and start investigating the truth behind Freemasonry.

The source also quotes 5 Kings (George IV, William IV, Edward VII, Edward VIII and George VI), over 300 aristocrats (princes and royal dukes, dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts and barons) who have headed various Masonic orders in Britain over the last 250 years.

If people see Freemasonry as a vehicle for change, they are mistaken. 'This illustrates', the mason goes on, 'that the control of Freemasonry at any time is in the hands of a very few people who conduct the organisation on behalf of an elitist oligarchy. As an emblem of hypocrisy ('All men are equal'), freemasonry in unmatched'. It reminds you of the quote from 'Animal Farm', by George Orwell, ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’

The royal nature of Freemasonry is not always apparent to many masons who are excluded from the higher degrees. When you see the big picture and see that Freemasonry is in fact a royal, aristocratic organisation you see it for what it is, namely a mechanism to ensure that nothing fundamentally changes in the system ever.

So much for ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ’ (Masonic motto). It was essentially a means to ensure that the wealthy nobility of the eighteenth century stayed that way.

The entire Masonic hierarchy is based on 'rank and fortune', despite Freemasonry claiming it prizes 'virtue and honour' above the external advantages of rank and fortune. Its highest offices are always held by royalty or near royalty, the grand sword bearer is usually a high ranking officer from the armed services, and the highest rank a commoner can hope for is senior grand deacon. Wealth and titled status is the order of the day in Freemasonry.

If you are ambitious, a non mason can quickly be labelled ‘rocking the boat’, ‘a loose cannon’ and a ‘rebel’, for having the audacity to try and better themselves, especially in a profession or trade where they have no family connections.

It is interesting to note the theories on the Jack the Ripper murders. We have provided evidence of the Masonic obsession with gruesome death and murder. If you recall the oaths and threatened punishments to any mason who dares reveal the Masonic 'secrets', they bare an uncanny resemblance to the way in which prostitutes were murdered by Jack the Ripper in East London around 140 years ago. The mutilations were carried out with skilled precision, giving credence to the theory that the murderer was a doctor or a surgeon.

The theory propounded in the film, 'From Hell', was that the ripper was a royal surgeon of Queen Victoria, who was killing any prostitute that was privy to a royal secret, namely that a member of the Royal Family had fathered a child with a Roman Catholic commoner. The women who were murdered weren't just killed, they were mutilated and laid out in a particular way that very closely mirrors the murderous oaths still taken by masons today. There are books on crime that have published the actual photos.

At one point, the 'ripper' daubed a chalk message next to one of his victims which read, 'The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.' It is believed that this was a Masonic, coded message ('Juwes' being a word representing the three murderers, Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum) for the benefit of masons in the police, who would recognise the murderer as a mason, and ensure he was never caught. 'Jack the ripper' was never caught. Link:

A 2006 television documentary, made by police and other 'experts', claimed that Jack the Ripper was a typical serial killer, and dismissed the idea of any link to the theories above. A typical serial killer?! Serial killers tend to kill over long periods of time, and do not stop until caught. Jack the Ripper killed over a relatively very short period of time, and inexplicably stopped suddenly. This would give substantial credence to the theory that he stopped, because he had killed all those privy to the secret he was trying to protect.

'Mission accomplished’, you could say. Note also that detailed knowledge of Freemasonry by the general public in the nineteenth century was practically nil. The fact that the killer used a Masonic word, ‘juwes’ offers evidence that the killer was a mason. Remember there was no Internet back then, no easy access to esoteric books and Freemasonry really was a secret society and a commoner would have had no detailed knowledge of it at all.

Whenever masons have been publicly criticised in Britain, their defence has revolved around claims that they are 'no different to the local golf club', and give money to charity. We would interpret the charitable donations as nothing less than 'guilt' money, a cloak of deceit, and the claim that they are just like a private members golf club as nonsense.

If you ever question a mason on what he (or she) believes, you will never get a straight answer. They are taught the art of secrecy, and how to ‘divert the discourse’. They will either not know facts about higher degrees, or will not reveal anything of significance because of the blood oaths they have taken; blood oaths which should be made illegal. As made clear elsewhere on this site, they are often fooled, mislead and lied to by their masters anyway when it comes to the ‘secrets’ of the ‘Craft’, as the rituals are largely nonsense.