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Donald Trump

We fully support what Donald Trump is doing, although that does not mean we agree with everything he says or does. Quite simply he is not establishment and that is exactly what the U.S. and the world needs. There is far too much political correctness in the west, and we honestly believe that the establishment in the west is encouraging excessive immigration for example to create chaos, out of which the establishment can implement its NWO (new world order) plan for a totalitarian police state. If a Christian visits a Muslim country, they have to respect the laws and culture of that country. In some Muslim countries, if a westerner tried to practice their own religion, they would be arrested and deported. Why then are Muslims allowed to live in the west and at the same time stick two fingers up at the laws and culture of the country they have chosen to live in?

Islamic law allows for multiple wives and refers to non believers as ‘kafir’ or infidel. Muslims who want to live in western countries have to understand that they have to obey and respect the laws and culture they are living in. We are not anti immigration, but we are anti chaos as a means of introducing a police state. Enough is enough and we believe that this view is the view of the many. We believe that the media should encourage open and honest debate re’ what Islam is and what Muslims believe. We also advocate removing the licences of newspapers and media outlets who refuse to print and broadcast balanced news. One example of this is the refusal of the western media to ever print or broadcast the truth about secret societies such as the masons, which underwrite most western systems. We need a balanced media, not a royal Masonic propaganda machine.

Rape allegations against Hillary Clinton

Having read the extensive documented evidence in this matter, we believe that the woman’s (Cathy O’Brien) story is credible and true. We see Hillary and Bill Clinton as political establishment, and believe that they have both committed heinous crimes for which any other person would be jailed for a considerable amount of time.

Evidence that Diana was in fact murdered by the ‘Establishment’

Police officers should face jail for perjury and perverting the course of justice in Orgreave miner’s case

Tony Blair should face war crimes trial for illegal war in Iraq following Chilcot report.

We do not accept that Tony Blair acted in ‘good faith’ when he stated that Saddam Hussein had wmd and could strike at the West within 45 minutes. We believe that he knew the evidence was flawed but wanted to remove the leader for political reasons, despite the lack of evidence. We believe that he knowingly lied to the British people and that a jury would convict him in a fair court of law. We also believe that he is a mason and was following a Masonic agenda in lying to the British people to try and justify an illegal war (see photos in Introduction section). Links:

Ministers told to destroy key evidence, and key witness murdered days before he was due to give evidence. Links

IMF head Christine Lagarde in corruption trial. Links:

Unlawful / illegal monitoring by the British police

Journalists monitored by British police. Link:

JFK truth

The recent documentary appeared to silence the debate once and for all re’ who killed JFK, and put the blame squarely on the Secret Service. The claim that it was an ‘accident’ however won’t be accepted by many. We have no doubt based on the evidence that JFK was murdered by Masonic elements in the US secret service. It’s another stain on America’s record, and the murder should never be forgotten. We’re not claiming that all or even most members of the Secret Service team that day were necessarily masons, although we have little doubt that at least some where. We have no doubt however that the culture in the Service was and probably still is ‘Masonic’. I.e. Excessively secretive, corrupt and self serving (not serving ‘The People’). Link:

Child abuse scandal

It seems we’re not the only ones who have very little confidence in the British establishment and the prospect of yet another whitewash ‘investigation’ / high level cover up, where the less well connected get blamed, while the better connected get protected. Link:

The Sunday Mirror’s editorial (2/11/14) claims that the government simply want an individual appointed to head the enquiry who will cover up the real truth. We agree. Any individual would be expected to tone down their findings to avoid embarrassing the ‘establishment’. It happened with the miner’s strikes in the Arthur Scargill era, it happened with Hillsborough (the original Stefan Popper inquest that was eventually overturned), it happened with the ‘Bloody Sunday’ enquiry and it happened with the Diana enquiry.

What makes these long drawn out ‘enquiries’ / whitewashes even worse is that the best connected lawyers end up making millions from  excessive fees. Enough is enough.

Dishonesty, corruption, bias and elitism in the British media

Allegations of MI5 involvement in child abuse

Ken Livingstone said:

"I was raising in parliament against Mrs Thatcher the Kincora Boys Home where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were hoping to be able to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland. They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisley's MP's - and they never did - and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there's been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades."

‘MI5 and Police do more than protect paedophile rings. They organise them.’ Link:


MI5 in covert plot to protect paedophile

Who and what are the security services in Britain supposed to be protecting exactly? The ‘People’, or the ‘Crown’? Our opinion is that the security services need to be accountable to an independent board of monitors to show clear, legal rationales for all of their activities, including monitoring or harassing ‘potential terrorists’. We fully support criminal charges as well as appropriate civil damages against members of the security services who actively pervert the course of justice and who actively harass innocent members of the public whose lawful views they do not agree with. We advocate custodial / jail sentences for individual members of MI5 and MI6 who behave illegally and / or unlawfully.  What would they do if evidence surfaced of abuse by members of the Royal Family? Try and cover it up?

Unaccountable elites

‘Just as in 1989, when we found that people in East Europe preferred individual freedom to communism, today capitalism is becoming identified with the rule of unaccountable elites.’

Paul Mason, Economics editor, Newsnight