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The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were formed in the twelfth century at the time of the crusades, and their official role was to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land (modern day Israel) and the city of Jerusalem, from the then enemy of Christianity namely members of the Muslim faith.

Many researchers however have suggested that this official role was merely a front for their real mission that centred around excavations under the temple mount, the site of the former temple of Solomon. It is believed that the Knights Templar excavated on the site and found treasures, relics, manuscripts and architectural knowledge that eventually made them extremely rich and powerful. It is also believed that the first grand master, Hugh de Payens allied with the 'assassins', an Islamic band of killers who used to smoke hashish before embarking on their assassination missions.

It is further suggested that the architectural knowledge they discovered included the detailed plans for the construction of the temple of Solomon. It is worthy of note that the Bible only contains a rough description of the dimensions of the temple, and it is possible that the Knights Templar discovered the detailed plans and dimensions, enabling them to reconstruct the temple.

On the point of Solomon's temple, a Masonic lodge has two pillars, named Jachin and Boaz, a copy of the two pillars in the temple of Solomon. The north section of a lodge, is said to represent a place of darkness or evil, and yet biblical references do not back this point up, and indeed the north is often referred to as the throne of God, and / or a holy place (Psalm 48:2, Ezek’ 8:14, Ezek’ 40:46, 44:4, 46:19). It is also worthy of note that Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is more Masonic temple than Christian church, and was said to have been built by Templars after they were forced out of France when their order was outlawed.

Rosslyn Chapel interior

Comment. We are not introducing biblical references to promote the Christian religion, but merely using the Bible to cross check Masonic practice, which should have its basis in the Bible, considering that Solomon and his temple are taken from the Bible and a Bible is used in lower Masonic degrees.

There are also carvings in Rosslyn chapel of blindfolded men and cable tows (see below example), which is an explicit Masonic theme and is not found in any other Christian building.

Elsewhere on in this site (see ‘Morals and Dogma’), we consider evidence that masons worship Lucifer, the anti Christ, and it could be the case that in making the northern section of a lodge, a 'place of evil', masons are essentially reversing the teachings of the Bible and Christianity, in the same way that Hitler for example reversed the symbol of the swastika, turning it from a positive to a negative, malevolent force, and a symbol of evil. The same occurs when Satanists invert the symbol of the pentagram, using its inversion to conjure negative and evil forces.

As already mentioned, the focus on the old solomnic temple was a reversion to the times before Christ when blood sacrifice was necessary to appease and approach God. Again, it is clear that such a need is abolished in the new religion (Christianity), where a person’s sins are atoned for by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the final lamb of God. There is no further need for the physical temple, since through the purification provided by the blood of Jesus, God’s spirit can enter a person’s body, as opposed to residing in the temple’s ‘holy of holies’ (a physical ‘inner’ section of the physical temple).

The Christian religion was supposed to form the foundation and purpose of the Knights Templar, and they were supposed to be crusaders of the Holy Catholic church. It appears however that this was merely a front for their real mission, to forget about and undermine Christianity, and revert back to the old temple based religion based around blood sacrifice and war. To say this openly however would not have brought them the wealth and support they wanted, and so they deceived the public and the church, with an outward allegiance to Christianity, and an inward, real allegiance to a satanic version of the old B.C. religion based around blood sacrifice.

These deceptive and crafty traits also appear to have been passed on to the masons, who are nothing less than cells of self advancement and corruption in our opinion, undermining the basis of any democratic system, where decisions are not taken in full view of the public, but in private gatherings, using secret signs and words. There is no accountability to the electorate, and their rituals also engender disdain towards the 'profane' outsiders, i.e. the general public.

Note also that the stonemason guilds did not use the murderous, torturous oaths used in Freemasonry rituals. These are not rooted in ancient Egypt and the distance past either as masons would have you believe, but were added in the eighteenth century as already mentioned.

The Knights Templar grew immensely rich and powerful during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and introduced the first banking system, upon which the modern day system is based. It is also claimed that at their core, they indulged in demonology and Satan worship, and incorporated homosexual acts into their rituals and ceremonies. They rejected the teachings of Jesus, and secretly advocated a religion that scorned being 'saved by grace'. Masonry teaches that man may enter the afterworld based on his own efforts to perfect his life, which is likened to a square building or a cube of stone.

Researchers have also alleged that during their ceremonies they would spit on, trample on and urinate on the Christian cross. They were also said to worship 'Baphomet', or the goat of Mendes, essentially Satan incarnate. Incidentally, the sign of Baphomet, often used by high ranking politicians, is to make a horned figure with the hand, using the little finger and the index finger (see photo evidence in the ‘Introduction’ of this site).

Based on these allegations, and alarmed by their massive wealth, King Philip of France ordered a purge of the Knights Templar, and their head, Jaques de Molay was burnt to death on Friday the thirteenth of October 1307. This is the origin of today's superstitious belief that any Friday the thirteenth is unlucky.

Some of the Templars fled France, and based themselves in Scotland alongside the St Clair family. As mentioned it is believed that they built Rosslyn ‘Chapel’, and the building is said to be an exact one third copy of Herod's temple. It is also suggested that other Templars fled to modern day Switzerland, which might explain the emphasis that this country has with banking and especially private, secret banking that has allowed very rich individuals and countries to abuse international laws. The fact that Switzerland has avoided war and conflict is consistent with this theory, as the Templar's military reason for existence had disappeared with the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1291.

From Scotland, it is also believed that they integrated into early Freemasonry, and strongly influenced the development of Freemasonry into its current ‘speculative’ form.

Comparing Knights Templar initiations to Masonic initiations, consider the following extract from pages 67-68 of the book, 'Masonry: Beyond The Light', by former mason, William Schoenleben.

'The high point of the Knights Templar initiation is when the candidate is brought before a large, triangular table covered in black velvet, illuminated by candles and containing eleven silver goblets and a human skull enthroned on the Bible. (Skulls figure prominently throughout this initiation).

This is intended to be the last supper. It seems but a grim mockery though. The visual effect is more satanic than Christian, especially to one accustomed to the table of the Lord in churches. However, the ambiance is the least of the problems.

The candidate is asked to partake of five libations (toasts). The first three libations are given, respectively to the memory of Masonic heroes King Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff. The fourth libation is to the memory of Simon of Cyrene, and the fifth is the most sinister of all.

The candidate is never told to whom the fifth libation is drunk (it is 'sealed'), and it is offered to him in a human skull..'

It would appear that in comparing the Knights Templar initiations to elements of Masonic initiations, especially at the higher levels of the Scottish rite, that the two are very similar, and that masonry was ultimately taken over by survivors of the 1307 purge.

The Knights of Malta are another order for the well connected. The CIA director William Casey was a member, as was General Franco, the fascist dictator.

They are closely connected to the Templar's, and were originally called the Knights Hospitallers and then the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. They have also been called the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, the Knights of Cyprus, the Knights of Rhodes and finally The Knights of Malta.

They wear black robes with a cowl (hood). Today they have diplomatic status with over eighty countries, and number around eleven thousand. They have permanent observer status at the U N, and have close links with the UK and America because of their strong Protestant and anti Catholic traditions. Membership is restricted to those who can trace a noble lineage.

To conclude, for an insight into the very strong links between Freemasonry and The Knights Templar, see the section on this site, ‘Higher degrees’ and specifically excerpts from the higher degrees. There you will see substantial evidence that modern day Freemasonry is the Knights Templar reformed.